The Painting concentration offers an array of undergraduate courses in both painting and drawing. Taught by a range of faculty, courses incorporate intensive studio work, group critiques, and lectures and presentations. The Painting concentration prepares students for independent artistic practice or graduate school. Majors are provided with shared studio space, and are expected to develop a rigorous studio practice. The Art Department at CatholicU builds on its central role in the influential Washington Color School, where painting luminaries such as Kenneth Noland once taught here. All art majors take full advantage of our D.C. location through internships and frequent field trips. Our aim is for students to leave the program with an understanding of their artistic intentions, strategies for sustaining an artistic practice, and an understanding of the historical context and contemporary possibilities of painting and drawing.

Please contact advisor Professor Jonathan Monaghan for more information

Painting Concentration:

Core Foundation:
  • ART 101 - Fundamentals of Design I
  • ART 102 - Fundamentals of Design II
  • ART 207 - Drawing I
  • ART 208 - Drawing II
Art Historical Framework:
  • ART 211 - History of Art: Prehistoric to the Middle Ages
  • ART 212 - History of Art: Renaissance to the Modern
  • ART 332 - Contemporary Art 
  • ART 353 - Junior Studio Art Seminar
  • ART 454 - Senior Studio Art Seminar
  • x4 Painting electives (Choose from courses in Watercolor, Advanced Painting and more)
  • x1 Art elective
Student working in painting studio

Painting and Drawing Facilities

The Art Department’s drawing and painting courses are offered in large studios with natural lighting and good ventilation in Salve Regina Hall. Shared studio space is offered to senior art majors.

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