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We cultivate artistic excellence.

We celebrate the rich history of art and the transformative power of digital innovation. We cultivate a deep understanding of artistic traditions and their influence on contemporary practices. Simultaneously, we embrace cutting-edge new media technologies, empowering students to explore new frontiers of creativity. Join our dynamic community to engage with the past, create in the present, and shape the future of art across disciplines.

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Art Advising

Our faculty advisors are ready to help you customize your course of study. Studio Art majors can specialize in painting, sculpture, or digital art. Art History majors can focus on medieval, Renaissance, or modern. You can combine an Art major with a second major or minor in another subject. We offer an abundance of options and expert advising to help you find what works best for you.

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What Our Alumni Say

"I often think how wonderfully prepared I was for a graduate program thanks to the vigorous program at Catholic University. I could not have asked for a better undergraduate academic experience."

—Elizabeth Denholm, ('15 B.A. Art History)
Associate Registrar, Delaware Art Museum

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Student Spotlight: Christopher Vitale

Student Spotlight: Christopher Vitale

Read about the Art & Design senior who painted a large outdoor mural on the art building as part of his Senior Thesis project.

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The D.C. Advantage

The D.C. Advantage

Easy access to world-class museums and galleries is just the beginning of the many benefits of our location in the nation's capital.

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Laub-Novak Scholarship

Laub-Novak Scholarship

All first-year students admitted to the Art & Design and Art History majors are eligible to compete for the $20,000 Karen Laub-Novak Art and Faith Scholarship.

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Internship Opportunities

With so many museums and galleries in DC, there are numerous internship opportunities. Whether your interest is in art conservation, art education, art therapy, curating, graphic design, museum or gallery management, or public relations, you can find something that suits you.

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