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We believe the study of art and the study of culture are one.

Art — contemporary and historical — is a visual record of human civilization, expressing and preserving humanity's most vibrant, profound and cherished experiences, feelings, and beliefs. In the Department of Art at The Catholic University of America, we celebrate artistic expression in studio and in history. 

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Art Advising

Our faculty advisors are ready to help you customize your course of study. Studio Art majors can specialize in painting, sculpture, or digital art. Art History majors can focus on medieval, Renaissance, or modern. You can combine an Art major with a second major or minor in another subject. We offer an abundance of options and expert advising to help you find what works best for you.

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What Our Alumni Say

"I often think how wonderfully prepared I was for a graduate program thanks to the vigorous program at Catholic University. I could not have asked for a better undergraduate academic experience."

—Elizabeth Denholm, ('15 B.A. Art History)
Associate Registrar, Delaware Art Museum

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Internship Opportunities

With so many museums and galleries in DC, there are numerous internship opportunities. Whether your interest is in art conservation, art education, art therapy, curating, graphic design, museum or gallery management, or public relations, you can find something that suits you.

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