The Sacred Artist-in-Residence Program at Catholic University is where art and faith converge to create an inspiring and transformative experience.

Housed in our newly renovated sculpture studio, the program invites a distinguished artist to join us as a Sacred Artist-in-Residence throughout the academic year. The Sacred Artist-in-Residence engages students in drawing and sculpture classes, exploring the profound connection between art and Catholic identity. Through the artist's mentorship, students delve into sacred imagery and religious themes, using their creative expressions to deepen their spiritual journey. The Sacred Artist-in-Residence Program offers a unique opportunity for students to connect with their Catholic heritage through artistic exploration, fostering a vibrant community of faith-based creativity.

Our current esteemed Sacred Artist-in-Residence is Dony MacManus, an accomplished sculptor with a passion for exploring the intersections of art and spirituality. With a background in both traditional and contemporary sculpture techniques, Dony's work has been celebrated in numerous international exhibitions and collections. His sculptural pieces often delve into themes of sacred imagery, religious devotion, and the human experience, creating pieces that resonate with viewers on a profound level.