The Department of Art offers two baccalaureate courses of study: one leading to a B.A. in Art History, another leading to a B.A. in Studio Art. Together, these programs are devoted to nurturing the production and understanding of artistic expression with the belief that art and culture are one, and that exposure to the visual arts is an essential component of every liberal education.

Our goal of fostering a greater appreciation of the arts is especially fitting at The Catholic University of America, given both the historic tradition of brilliant art patronage by the Catholic Church, and the outstanding resources of Washington, D.C. Through courses both within and outside the department, art majors are provided with a broad introduction into the practice, theory, and appreciation of the arts.   

The Department of Art has responded to the growth in creative digital technology in artists’ studios and in the modern workforce by offering a series of classes in the digital arts, including digital photography, cell phone photography, video production, 3-D sculpting, screen printing, graphic design, and web design. These classes utilize the most advanced professional design software and are held in the department’s new state-of-the-art digital lab.