March 04, 2020

The Figure Interpreted: Redux Curated by John Figura

March 5-April 4, 2020

The Figure Interpreted: Redux examines the human form through multiple perspectives and mediums.  It features paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings by eight artists from New York and the Washington metropolitan area.  In making these works, Adam Bradley, Wolfgang Jasper, Steve Lewis, Joseph Lozano, Regina Miele, Kevin Mitchell, Eric Sandberg, and Sarah Wegner utilize their mind, body, soul to depict the human figure.

This subject has been an enduring one in art across time. Some of the earliest cave paintings in Spain are depictions of human hands. During the Italian Renaissance, the human form was a staple of every artist’s training. Today, with the rise of social media, images of people -- celebrities, political figures, our family and friends -- permeate our day-to-day lives.

The body is relatable and expressive. It has the ability to communicate through gesture and facial expression, and through its own unique attributes, in ways that abstract images cannot.  By exploring the body and its contours, beauty and horror, fecundity and mortality, we are able to observe and learn from others and ourselves.

In this show, works reveal a mobile form in a moment of stillness. These portrayals do not move through time or space, as forms often do on the internet, in kinetic media, and in life.  Nonetheless, these works (like all art) require time to understand fully. Formed from the eyes, hands, and personal life experience of these artists, this show presents the body, made by bodies, for the viewer – a fellow body that is also somebody. 

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Tillie Murphy (CUA 2021)