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  • Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art
  • A native Washingtonian, John Winslow paints unabashedly about painting itself. In his works, he attempts to create scenes that invite the viewer not only inside the studio with the painter, his tools and accoutrements, but also inside the world of the painter's imaginings. An alternate universe of beings and non-beings takes shape in the fictive space around him in diaphanous, free floating images that are variously familiar and fantastic, allusive and abstract. He uses techniques of blurring and overlapping transparencies, which are crucial to establishing a context of spatial ambiguity where realness and abstraction can coexist and merge. Winslow believes that painting, among all the visual arts, has the potential to best express the tension between flatness and illusion, and he is energized by this contest.

    Winslow has taught at The Catholic University of America, The Corcoran School of Art, and the University of Delaware. He has exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States and has work in numerous public and corporate collections. He has received grants from the Franz and Virginia Bader Fund and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Winslow holds a BA in architecture from Princeton University and a BFA and MFA in painting from the Yale School of Art.