Catholic University’s M.A. in Art Education offers direct experiences in visual art and design as well as the art and science of teaching. This 30-credit low-residency program prepares innovative and effective teacher-leaders who will impact future students in a variety of twenty-first-century learning environments such as PreK-12 schools, alternative community or cultural settings, museums, or private organizations.

We believe the most influential art educators are skilled artists and designers with active research agendas, exemplifying leadership. Through the study of art, design, and visual culture, our art education promotes equity and diversity in learning, the ability to cultivate creative and critical thinking skills in others, and culturally responsive literacy.

Catholic University’s Art Education program understands that learning doesn’t just take place in a classroom. From partnerships with education departments in museums and other cultural institutions, area arts programs, and active engagement with the community, M.A. students take full advantage of the culturally dynamic city of Washington D.C.

Designed for working professionals and busy educators who enjoy making and teaching art, the M.A. program format benefits students through convenient online courses and two one-week summer studio intensives at CatholicU’s main campus in Washington, D.C. Applicants to the M.A. in Art Education are eligible for an endowment-based scholarship upon completing the portfolio and university application process. 

Please contact Dr. Delane Ingalls Vanada for more information. 

Program of Study for M.A. in Art Education:

Core Courses in Art Education and Art History
  • ART 601 - Artistic Development in Art Education
  • ART 602 - Contemporary Issues in Art Education
  • ART 604- Methods of Art Education K-12
  • ART 632 - Contemporary Art History
Advanced Studio Courses (choose 3)
  • ART 631 - Intro to Digital Design
  • ART 685 - Printmaking and Multimedia
  • ART 571 - Ceramics
  • ART 605 - Artist/Researcher/Teacher
Elective Courses (choose 1)
  • EDUC 581 - Diverse Learners
  • EDUC 522 - Race, Class, Gender
  • EDUC 525 - Psychology of Learning for Diverse Populations
  • PSY 421 - Positive Psychology
  • PSY 652 - Cultural Psychology
  • PSY 671 - Human Factors
Research Methods and Capstone
  • ART 580 - Creative and Critical Thinking in Art
  • ART 581 - Inquiry into Practice
Optional Seminars
  • Trauma-informed Teaching
  • Art Across the Curriculum (Arts Integration)
  • Social Justice in Museum and Community Settings


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